Uniquely positioned in the heart of the mid-Atlantic, Delaware benefits from an abundance of natural resources. From our beautiful beaches to our fruitful farmlands, we are blessed with a diverse landscape. As our planet warms and our climate changes, sea level rise will threaten our beloved summer retreats, and extreme weather will put our crop yield at risk.

In a nation of innovation we can accelerate our transition to clean energy sources without jeopardizing our economic competitiveness around the world. Delaware should lead the way with policies that encourage investment in green technologies.

Clean water is essential to Delaware’s future, its economy, its environment, and the health of its citizens. As a coastal and agricultural state, Delaware cannot afford for politics to trump policy when it comes to clean water and water infrastructure. After many years of underinvestment from state and federal levels, nutrients, other forms of water pollution, and flooding have become real threats to Delaware’s prosperity. 

In 2015, Bryan chaired the Clean Water and Flood Abatement Task Force. This year he has introduced legislation to revitalize Delaware's waterways, ensuring every Delawarean has access to clean water and the industries that depend upon it can be confident in the quality our water.