We are at a critical juncture when it comes to public education.  We must drive reform that lets teachers teach and students learn, without always being focused on the next standardized, high-stakes test right around the corner. We need policies that empower our educators and our children, not regulations that limit teachers' ability to customize their lessons for the students in their classrooms.

Since being elected to the State Senate, Bryan has stood with parents, teachers, and students in opposition to test-focused policies. In Dover, Bryan:

  • led efforts to forge more coordination in Delaware’s education system between district schools, charter schools, and vo-tech schools;
  • spoke forcefully about the negative impact of changing testing systems so frequently and without enough preparation for educators to plan and adjust their curricula;
  • opposed making test scores a primary part of teacher evaluations; and
  • pushed for higher starting salaries for educators.

Bryan also believes all students have a right to top-notch instruction and technology in the classroom, regardless of socio-economic background. That is why this year Bryan sponsored legislation to establish the High Needs Educator Student Loan Payment Program. The Program will provide financial assistance to educators working in some of Delaware’s hardest-to-staff schools and in certification areas where Delaware has a shortage of qualified educators.